Seven Regular methods for emergency response for GPS Navigation Car DVD Player

Published: 07th June 2011
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Currently, car DVD players, GPS trackers and other devices, GPS have been, well into our daily life.Especially Special use DVD Player Built in GPS is very popular and privileged area in the world. For those who can travel, hiking, camping, skiing, climbing, and so risk, he isfantastic have to travel with car DVD player with GPS Navigator for Auto.It not only entertain and enjoy on the road, but alsocan show them to avoid the sense that you have lost.

As one of the necessary equipment, car, car will go DVD player with GPS navigation feature for many inevitablely sometimes.So comsumerswho wrong are not familiar with the special car DVD player to solve, as theproblme is a big problem when facing a situation goes wrong GPS navigation.
1, no boot

This problem typically occurs because an incorrect user and the system can not currently work only NEET toothpick totouch reset button on the toolbar (RET), and reboot.

2, "Vigilant down" to the screen after booting Words

This international handbrake basic function whichis used to remind the user to concentrate on driving on the go. This function is to test wire, the hand brake is connected, for this word willdisappear since pulling up the handbrake. If there is no need to have TheFunction for the user to simply switch the test hand brake function thesetting functions "of the regime. It also thehandbrake solutions by attaching wire to the ground wire may direct.

3, shall not be, the navigation software After Input Navigation

Make sure that the navigation bar in order to configure perhapsre set way navigation software. To open the folder SD, choosingNAVIONE.EXE file in the Navion.

4, can not receive satellite navigation signals

When the place of satellite navigation, the map shows the "current" in the navigation mode, and when the red dot in the upper right corner cornerof screen, it just means that the satellite signal is weak. Youshould check the navigation antenna connections, is correct check itslocation. Navigation systems should be outside, open space, with the land must andantenna balance, and directly opposite in the sky to toreceive signals.

5, have a noise in the navigation state

This is usually due to interference engine thenavigation power solution is caused cascade power filter bewteen OnThe yellow line at the output of the cable end of navigation, which can reduce theformation of motor complications.

6, there Throttle noise when starting car

Solution is to install an inductor or contact filter (power) power line OnThe BATT host or host-chassis to the ground. If pillowscreen setting can also lead to eliminate interference, this time signal Youcan stop the alarm screen theinterference under pillows.

7 flashes, the display during braking

This is because the rear light socket lead in contact with water orpoor string form of electricity to the taillights.

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